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PUBG Mobile Club Open (PMCO) disqualifies several teams for exploiting bugs

Qualification matches for the PUBG Mobile Club Open (PMCO): Fall Split 2021 began on 26th July and the process will last for one week i.e, until August 1.

In an effort to address the cheating problem, Tencent has implemented a rule requiring that all PMCO players install an anti-cheating app known as the GAC App. Cheaters tend to find a different way to gain an unfair advantage over other participants.

A new bug has been found by cheaters, which they exploited during the first three days of qualifiers. To disrupt proceedings, these individuals started teaming up with the enemy squad during qualification matches. The team at Tencent was proactive in finding the bug, and they have addressed the issue by fixing it immediately.

Since many cheaters already completed their qualification matches, it wasn't fair for legitimate players to suffer. Due to this issue, Tencent has decided to ban all teams that exploited the bug during the qualification period.

The announcement of the same came through PUBG Mobile Esports social media channels, where Tencent announced that they have fixed the bug. They also laid out new rules that will be implemented from day 4 which state that players leaving the match will not be able to start a new one.

If a player disconnects because their connection is unstable, he or she will have the opportunity to rejoin the game.

PUBG Mobile Club Open: Fall Split 2021 is taking place in 23 regions all around the world, with a massive $2 million USD prize pool distributed between all 23 regions.

The tournament is being played in third-person perspective (TPP) mode over three classic maps of Erangel, Miramar, and Sanhok. Club Open provides amateur clubs direct access to the Pro Leagues.

PMCO 2021 is considered the gateway to enter the world's largest mobile esports event, PUBG MOBILE GLOBAL CHAMPIONSHIP 2021(PMGC). The event will take place later this year and will feature a massive prize pool of 6 Million USD (largest ever for PUBG Mobile Esports).

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