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Why GTA 5 Epsilon Program Missions Are Very Annoying

GTA 5 is riddled with tedious and irritating missions that will irritate even the most patient players. The Epsilon Program offers a series of such missions that frustrate players.

GTA 5 is the most successful video game Rockstar has made. The game made a ridiculous amount of profit simply through how many copies it sold. However, its commercial success doesn't guarantee that the game is flawless.

There are several things that the game could have improved, and yet more that are quite problematic. Mission design is one such aspect, as its linear and repetitive structure is quite dull.

Some missions can get rather tedious and feel more like a chore. "The Truth" series of missions is a prominent example, and this article will discuss its defects.

The Epsilon Program is a cult featured in several games across the series. In GTA San Andreas and GTA Vice City Stories, it only appeared in radio commercials and shows. The cult made its first physical appearance in GTA 5 through a series of missions and characters.

The Epsilon cult is a scam that profits by duping its adherents into paying huge donations. It is a parody of the real-life Church of Scientology.

"...A fellowship of like-minded adults who tithe money in exchange for salvation and merit badges" - As described by Cris Formage.

"The Truth" is a set of missions available exclusively to Michael in GTA 5. The missions are unlocked once the player completes an evaluation exam on the Epsilon Program website in-game. Some of the objectives are tedious to the point of boredom and set Michael back by a large amount of money.

This almost seems to have been intentionally made in such a manner that most players give up. The few who persist, however, are rewarded with $2,100,000. The optional reward received in the final mission is the highest available in a GTA 5 side mission.

This is where the problem lies with these missions. While the player's troubles are greatly rewarded, it depends on making the right decisions at the right moment. Michael is given the option to donate money at various points in the missions. GTA players who are aware of Rockstar's twisted humor may become skeptical and abandon it.

Players may also miss out on the final reward if they expect to get a better reward later on. Therefore, it is entirely dependent on metagaming, particularly for those playing GTA 5 for the first time.

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