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Malaysian Gamer Creates A Mod For 'GTA 5' That Lets You Play As A Food Delivery Rider

a motorcycle parked on the side of a building: Malaysian Gamer Creates A Mod For 'GTA 5' That Lets You Play As A Food Delivery Rider 

Mod For 'GTA 5' That Lets You Play As A Food Delivery Rider

When given time, you'll be surprised by just how creative Malaysian gamers can be sometimes.

Last year, this one Malaysian gamer created a full on Malay wedding in the wildly popular video game 'Grand Theft Auto 5':

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Now, another Malaysian gamer has decided to add more Malaysian flavour to the game.

Local gamer ROSHAnotGamer has recently introduced his own mods to the game, and we have to say, they are very Malaysian indeed.

ROSHAnotGamer's mod lets you play as a delivery food rider, and you can take your pick between being a rider for GrabFood or foodpanda.

In a gameplay video uploaded on 2 August, ROSHAnotGamer played as a foodpanda rider as he weaves in and out of traffic to deliver food to his customer - just like his real-life counterpart.

There was also another gameplay video dated 4 August where he moonlights as Ultraman - while delivering food as a GrabFood rider.

Yup, you know times are indeed bad when Ultraman needs to deliver food to earn some extra spending money. 

  a car parked in a parking lot: Get out of his way. 

If that's not Malaysian enough for you, ROSHAnotGamer has also decided to mod into the game the unmistakable, the one and the only 'king of the Malaysian road' - Perodua Myvi.

Of course, the introduction of the Perodua Myvi in the game caused quite a bit of mayhem on the streets of the fictional city of Los Santos, like how a real-life Myvi does on the streets of Malaysia:

Ahh, fun times! 

If you want to find out how to install these mods into your game, he has a tutorial video on his YouTube page to teach you just how to do that.

Go check out ROSHAnotGamer's videos on YouTube; they are massively fun.

GTA Online Media Sticks Locations

The GTA Online media sticks are a new collectible as part of the Los Santos Tuners update, celebrating Rockstar Games' record label partnership with club culture legends CircoLoco and the addition of the Media Player to the game. Each of these media sticks represents one of CircoLoco Records' Monday Dreamin' EPs and contains five tracks, but if you find all four of them in GTA Online then you'll unlock a CircoLoco tee and a special continuous DJ mix version of the full compilation, which was created exclusively for this update and can be listened to through the new Media Player function. If you're ready to go, then we've got all of the GTA Online media sticks locations, as well as details on how to use the Media Player to listen to your fresh tunes.

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(Image credit: Rockstar Games)

There are four GTA Online media sticks to find in total, and their locations are tied to specific properties around San Andreas. The Casino and LS Car Meet are always in the same place, but the site of your Arcade and Nightclub will depend entirely on which of the available properties you purchased for those enterprises. If you don't already own an Arcade or Nightclub then it's possible that you may be able to collect the GTA Online media sticks located inside them by visiting someone else's property, but if that doesn't work then unfortunately you'll need to invest in your own business.

We've got the specific GTA Online media sticks locations below, which can be collected in any order, and these are the CircoLoco Records EPs you'll unlock:

  • Casino Roof Terrace – Blue EP
  • Arcade Bar – Green EP
  • Nightclub Office Desk – Violet EP
  • LS Car Meet Mod Shop – Black EP
  • Collect all four GTA Online media sticks – CLR Launch Party (Seth Troxler)

  • (Image credit: Rockstar Games)

    Take the lift to the Roof Terrace level from the Casino lobby or use the Roof Terrace door from your Penthouse, then check on one of the tables by the hot tubs close to the lift to find one of the GTA Online media sticks. If you take the lift to the Roof level with the helipad instead, then you'll need to climb down the ladder to reach the lower Roof Terrace level.

    (Image credit: Rockstar Games)

    Enter your Arcade property, then visit to the bar and look on the counter next to a couple of empty glasses for another of the GTA Online media sticks.

    (Image credit: Rockstar Games)

    Head to your Nightclub property, then make your way up to the private office and check on the main desk for another one of the GTA Online media sticks.

    (Image credit: Rockstar Games)

    Take a walk to the Mod Shop area at the far end of the LS Car Meet, then look on top of the red tool trolley for the last of the GTA Online media sticks.

    (Image credit: Rockstar Games)

    As soon as you start finding media sticks, you can use them with the new GTA Online Media Player function found in vehicles alongside the radio stations. First, open the Interaction Menu and select Inventory, then highlight Media Player and move left or right to cycle through the available mixes you've unlocked. Once you've made your decision, open the radio station wheel then select Media Player (the play button icon to the left of the radio off option) and you can start listening to your mix of choice.

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    You can also check out the best GTA 5 Cheats in the video below:

    Low Grip Tires In GTA Online: All You Need To Know

    With the latest update, GTA Online brings plenty of requested features to the game. This includes a stance modification and Low Grip tires, making drift builds much easier.

    The Los Santos Tuners update for GTA Online has proved to be a massive success. It has reignited the excitement for car culture in the game, with all-new vehicles and racing-related features.

    There has always been a dedicated community of car lovers in GTA Online who would go to great lengths to drift in-game. This involved manually lowering the cambers by shooting the rims and resorting to a limited range of cars.

    With the new update, drifting is much easier thanks to the stance modification option and Low Grip tires. The new cars can lower their stance via the interaction menu and install Low Grip tires for drifting.

    GTA Online players who wish to get Low Grip tires installed on their cars should follow these steps:

  • First, players must go to the LS Car Meet warehouse. They need to purchase a membership (for $50k) if they don't already have one.
  • Once inside, they have to press LCtrl and then G (Mod Vehicle) when the menu pops up. They have to be inside the vehicle they wish to modify for this menu to appear.
  • Pressing G brings the car to the Mod Shop, where players have to select the Wheels category.
  • From the Wheels option, go to Tires>Tire Enhancements and select Low Grip Tires.
  • Players can see that the Low Grip Tires, which cost $500, will drastically reduce the traction, making the car prone to sliding. At present, this feature can only be installed for the new tuners and exclusively at the LS Car Meet. This is what the description reads:

    "Low Grip Tires are exclusive to the LS Car Meet and applicable to vehicles that are part of Los Santos Tuners."

    The stance modifications are also applicable solely to the new cars, some of which are much better at drifting by default. Just like with the Los Santos Tuners update, these features are not available in GTA 5 Story Mode.

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