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Every New Race Added As Part Of GTA Online's Los Santos Tuners Update Listed

The Los Santos Tuners summer update for GTA Online is out and players have been having a blast will all the new content. In under a week, players have managed to experience almost every bit of new content added to GTA Online as part of update 1.57. One of the biggest parts of this update is the addition of 14 new races. Here's what players must do to unlock the Street and Pursuit race series in GTA Online's Los Santos Tuners update.

Street Race Series

The Street Race series is available at the Los Santos Car Meet and doesn't require players to have progressed to a certain level in terms of reputation. Players are relegated to using vehicles that were released as part of the update to make it fair in terms of balance. There are seven new street races included in the update:

  • Back at the Rancho
  • Beachfront Runner
  • Country Pursuits
  • High Society
  • Home Sweet Home
  • The Business End
  • Up Your Alley
  • Pursuit Race Series

    Pursuit Races are quite the change compared to the standard street race. Armed to the teeth, the Los Santos Police Department will interfere and try to halt the race, giving them the added challenge of escaping. Pursuit races are unlocked after reaching 5 of the LS Car Meet Reputation System and are also locked to vehicles added in this update. There are seven Pursuit Races available:

  • A Real Education
  • Get Trucked
  • Good Bet
  • Groving
  • Industrial Action
  • It's Terminal
  • Join The Club
  • Players are recommended to max out their vehicles before attempting the races and choose their cars wisely. Some new vehicles like the Dinka Jester RR sport very low top speeds but in shortcut heavy tracks, the ease of handling pays off.

    In pursuit races, it can sometimes be beneficial to let other players make first contact with the police, especially in roadblocks. Simply wait for them to clear a path and take the lead after a long straight.

    The payout for the new race series isn't spectacular and matches the payout for normal races. For a 1v1 race, players can expect around GTA $6,000 for a win.

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